Through our network of friends we were introduced to Delcastle Technical High School.  When the science department heard our idea, they agreed to help prepare our application for the ARISS Program. During the week of October 22, 2018, we will TALK TO THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION!

Many hands made this activity possible.

Dr. Rita Vasta, Science Department Chairman Stephen Worden, Founder / GM, Radio Newark
Fran DiNuzzo, CEO, ILC Dover Kathy Demarest, Public Information Officer
Gary Phillips, New Media Ken Grant, Media Consultant
Brian Bourdon, Chief Engineer Dr. Victoria Gehrt, Superintendent
Brian Heeney, Science Teacher Ken Chisholm, Director, Science Working Group
Dr. Clifton Hayes, Principal Steve Mancini, IT Director
Elizabeth Abell, Digital Media Keith Pugh, NASA Engineering Mentor