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SPEED: Ten times faster than a speeding bullet.

SIZE: 1.2 Football Fields

CREW: Six Humans, Fifty-Two Computers

MASS: 925,335 pounds



Whizzing around the globe at 17,156 MPH you see the sun rise and set every 92 minutes.


You are weightless.  Encapsulated by the most expensive machine ever built, ‘flying’ through a total vacuum.


From the bay window, you look down and see a blue planet.


You are an astronaut aboard the International Space Station.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly up there?  To visit outer space?  We have.  We wondered what is out there, are we alone, and why is space so big.  We thought, “It would be incredible to see Earth from space.”


We wondered if real astronauts felt way.




That’s right.  During the week of October 22, we are going to talk to the Space Station.


We?  The students of Delcastle Technical High School are going to use equipment set up by Radio Newark to talk to the International Space Station — LIVE — as it flies directly over our heads.


Delcastle and Radio Newark are partnering in the ARISS Program — Amateur Radio aboard the International Space Station — to host a live communications event.  Students from Delcastle will speak directly with an astronaut, asking questions, getting scientific insights, and learning what life is like in a weightless world.


WHEN: The week of October 22.

HOW: Volunteers will build a ground station at Delcastle High School.

WHY: To make us think.  To have fun with science